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Streamlined Tidy Data Access to Open Target Genetics GraphQL API🔍

otargen is an open-source R package for easy data retrieval and analysis from Open Target Genetics. It brings simplicity in scale to analsye human genetic evidances for gene-trait/diseases associations from R environment, enhancing your research with advanced data handling and visualization tools.

📢 otargenpy is available for python users 🐍 pip install otargenpy

Check out the repository here: otargenpy on GitHub. otargenpy has all the capabilities of otargen, We encourage you to try it out and provide us with feedback!

Key Features

🚀 Effortless Data Retrieval: Easily access and transform complex GraphQL queries.

📈 Insightful Visualizations: Clearly visualize complex datasets with intuitive plots.

📖 Comprehensive Documentation: Well-documented functions for easy integration.

👨‍💻 Regular Updates: Stay updated with new features and improvements.


Get started with otargen from CRAN:


Or install the latest development version from GitHub:

if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")

Citing otargen 🙋‍♂️

Please cite otargen if you use it in your research. Bioinformatics.

Feizi, Amir, and Kamalika Ray. "otargen: GraphQL-based R package for tidy data accessing and processing from Open Targets Genetics." Bioinformatics 39.8 (2023): btad441.

Community and Contributions

Join the otargen community on GitHub and contribute to its growth. We welcome bug reports, feature suggestions, and code contributions.